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Spy X Family


Dive into the fascinating world of "Spy x Family" with our trivia quiz! This series, a masterful blend of spy action and family comedy, is filled with memorable characters and exciting moments. How well do you know the secretive missions of Loid, the deadly skills of Yor, the psychic insights of Anya, and other intriguing details from "Spy x Family"? Test your knowledge and prove you're a true fan with our trivia quiz!


Loid Forger: Loid Forger isn't just a cool spy; he's incredibly smart and always thinks ahead. As "Twilight," he's a master of disguise, able to transform into anyone he needs to be for his missions. He's also brilliant at reading situations and people, which helps him outsmart his enemies. Loid has excellent physical abilities too, like being fast and stealthy, which are essential for a spy. He's very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and using various gadgets. What's really special about Loid is how he uses these skills not just for his missions, but also to protect and care for his family.

Yor Forger: Yor Forger, the "Thorn Princess," is an extraordinary assassin with amazing fighting skills. She's incredibly strong and agile, capable of defeating her enemies swiftly and silently. Her ability to blend into her surroundings makes her a deadly adversary. Despite her fearsome skills, Yor is quite inexperienced with regular daily activities, which often leads to funny situations. At home, she's a caring mom and wife, often trying her best to provide for her family, even though she's sometimes clueless about how to do regular mom stuff.

Anya Forger: Anya Forger might look like a normal little girl, but she has a unique talent: she can read minds. This ability lets her understand what people are thinking and feeling, which often leads her into interesting and sometimes troublesome situations. She's not a trained spy or fighter like her parents, but her mind-reading power is a big help to her family in unexpected ways. Anya is also very intuitive and good at picking up on things that adults might miss, which adds a lot of fun and surprises to their adventures.

Yuri Briar: Yuri Briar is not just dedicated to his job in national security; he's also very observant and meticulous. He doesn't have the physical combat skills of his sister or Loid, but his sharp mind and dedication make him good at his job. He's excellent at gathering information and analyzing situations, which makes him a valuable asset in his field. His protective nature and loyalty to his sister add an interesting dynamic to his interactions with her family, especially since he's unaware of their true identities.